From the New York Fashion Week to the halls of Milan and London, those passionate about fashion all across the globe have quenched their thirst with what fashion trends to follow come spring 2015. Givenchy pleasantly surprised a few by playfully flirting with the Gothic Romance/ cool rocker girl look while Michael Kors kept it cheerful and chic – notably so with the famous yellow floral tulle skirt which made quite an impression on the runway.

With such diversity, we are left wondering: ‘what does fashion have in store for us this coming season?’ Although Spring is not a season in Thailand, ZALORA Thailand introduces its Spring 2015 fashion trends just in time for their 3rd year anniversary.

Monochrome Stays Winning

ZALORA Thailand monochrome trends

Black and white fashion will linger on a little longer

By now, we bet you too have noticed that black and white fashion will linger on a little while longer – if it were a contest, we are almost certain that monochrome would win this one hands down. Seen on and off the red carpet, the world’s celebrities still stick to this trend and it comes as no surprise too as black and white are fuss free colors and when paired together, expect nothing less than effortlessly chic. 

Join in the hype this spring and ensure that your closet is armed with the right fashion pieces to pull off the monochrome look like the fashion prowess you are.

The 70’s Fashion is back

70's style is making a comeback

70’s style is making a comeback (source:

Talk about nostalgia! It seems that this year’s runway was a battle of the 60’s and 70’s fashion and the latter just barely scraped through to the top.

Hold your horses and don’t go and stock up on bell bottoms and floral shirts just yet. No, this trend is somewhat edgier than what you had in mind as you will see that juxtaposing patterns, color contrast and silhouettes are what make the look so 2015. For instance, if it is flared roomy jeans you opt for, tone it down with a tight crop top to get that flawless feminine touch.

Don’t be shy to throw on a bit of denim or suede to your retro lapel shapes as it will automatically get you a free ride to nailing the look each time.

Sporty Girls Stay Winning

Made popular by Alexander Wang, the sporty chic look prevails, so be sure to keep those Nike and New Balance sneakers and best believe to keep the strap sandals because this season is all about the laid back sporty girl with an undeniable flare for fashion.

Details are what make this look what it is and as they say, the right accessories add a perfect finish to any outfit choice so those wrist bands and drawstrings are your keys to emphasizing your cool girl look.

Gingham to Florals

Gingham Glamour

Spring is incomplete without florals and this time around, big and bold flowers are in the cards (source:

Spring 2015 may just end the era of wallflowers – from Gingham prints to floral prints you are in for a treat this season!

Gingham prints have already started making an appearance in the street fashion scene. Brigitte-Bardot must be one proud lady as we still can’t wrap our heads around the fact that this former French actress pioneered this trend with her wedding dress which was tailored from what looks like a kitchen table cloth.

The style is so diverse that even the non-traditional are likely to succumb to its charm. Designers have already toyed with day and night looks that you can sport and still elegantly pull it off.

Spring is incomplete without florals and this time around, big and bold flowers are in the cards and they are here to stay! So don’t shy away from expressing the femininity that lies deep within with big flower prints or subtle minute prints to suit your mood.

Loose Fits

Loose fits fashion

Loose fits and khakis (source:

Care for comfort and practicality? Then add a touch of khaki and you are sure to be in trend. If Khaki doesn’t do it for you, military green to olive hues are just as good. When you go for a safari, you want to be comfortable, so lose fitting items still remain in trend.

Keep the shirt dresses: double high slits, drop waist shirt dresses, just choose your own adventure and have fun styling it up this season.

If you thought culottes were out, think again – these are by far spring’s most flattering pick as they can be paired with close to any top you own, so don’t forget to stock up.

Another essential item would have to be the kimono, we love it! It’s stylish; it’s comfortable and just light enough for hot weather.

With so many baggy clothes, don’t forget to get an obi belt to whittle that waist and polish off the look to a clean and classy finish.

They say save the best news for last, so here goes: With ZALORA Thailand celebrating their third anniversary; don’t miss out on their special deals and promotions! It is time to adorn your closet with the latest spring fashion clothing at very affordable prices too. Some things you just can’t afford to miss!

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Written by Khumo Seamogana

Khumo Seamogana

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