Tips to Find the Best Shipping Agents in Bangkok

Deliver in Style: Vintage Trucks anyone
Deliver in Style: Vintage Trucks anyone?

It may be a challenging task to choose the perfect shipping agent in Bangkok with so many options available in the market. With an increasing number of wholesale shopping transactions happening each day, Bangkok has become one of the busiest shopping venues in the world. Perhaps, you may have browsed and did some research on the numerous shipping agents. Before engaging a shipping agent you need to study carefully the process and requirements, along with the tracking methods.

Sure, there are the big names in shipping and logistics and they are here in Thailand: DHL, Fedex, UPS and the likes. But from a cost perspective, you may want to look at smaller, less established companies that can do the job at far less cost.

In case you are planning to export clothing goods from Bangkok, here are a few guidelines for a hassle-free (or less stressful) transaction.

Do your research.

This is obvious, but in today’s competitive world there are plenty of Bangkok shipping agents and options. As a rule of thumb, do not settle with the first agent that you come across. Though it might consume much of your time, you should start your research in a prudent manner before coming into any agreement. Start your research through these websites that offer you complete information about those shipping agents with genuine reviews and articles. Go to their websites and check their credentials and references. Thailand shipping agents can give you details such as shipping schedules and price options.

Ask, ask, ask.

Only an experienced shipping agent will be able to clear any doubts with ease. Make a list of questions that you are planning to ask the agent. An experienced and genuine shipping agent will be ready with answers for all your queries. You should ask queries that concern shipping times, transits and the tracking methods that they implement or about the logistics and the various options available in times of unforeseen circumstances or acts of god.

Some questions to ask yourself:

Do you want them to handle the complete shipment process?

Some questions to ask your shipping agent:

Do they accept low volume / low weight shipping?

If you do the packing, loading and unloading yourself, what costs can be waived?

Any other tasks you can do yourself that can reduce costs?

Shipping Process

Pick up of your goods

Administrative documents

Insuring your goods

Packing of your goods

Air Freight / Sea Freight / Multimodal Freight

Custom Clearance

Delivery of goods to your requested address

The shipping process from Bangkok city can get risky with unforeseen circumstances and acts of god. To minimize risk, check and make sure your goods are adequately insured and with proper documentation from the insurance provider. There are many local and international insurance providers in Thailand that can adequately insure your goods.

There are hundreds of shipping companies in Bangkok but not all shipping agents are created equal. Knowing the right shipping agent that works for you will save you time and energy down the line. Good luck!

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