Bobae Market in Bangkok

Trade shopping in Bangkok’s Bobae Market (Photo credit: Trip Advisor)

Shopping in Bangkok’s Bobae Market

Bangkok is a shopping haven where you can make use of your honed shopping skills while enjoying the vibrant lifestyle this Thai city can offer. For shopaholics searching for the best goods at the best price, Bangkok surely does not disappoint.

You must have been to Pratunam Market or Chatuchak Market many times. But the smart local resident knows where to find the best place for mass market clothing. Bangkok’s busy Bobae Market offers a twin haven of wholesale shopping found in two main areas – Bobae Market and Bobae Tower which are in the same location.

These have long been recognized in Bangkok as a wholesale market paradise inundated with thousands of shops and bargain clothing goods. The goods here are at very low prices and usually sold by the dozens. It is the favorite hunting ground not just for shoppers but traders.

If you are headed to this side of town, here are a few things to consider on your bargain hunting list:

  • Clothing
  • Textiles and Fabrics
  • Vegetables and Fruits
  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Halal Food
Bobae Tower in Bangkok's Bobae Market

Bobae Tower is a wholesale clothing landmark in Bangkok’s Bobae Market (Photo credit:

Where is Bobae Market?

Bobae Market is on Krung Kasem Road near Yotse Bridge, Dusit area. Not sure where to go? Get off at BTS National Stadium station and take a 10 minute taxi ride to Bobae Market.

When to Go?

Though actively trading throughout the day and night, Bobae Market is busiest in the morning. Some of the best deals happen very early in the morning before normal trading hours.

Clothing in Bobae Market

Bobae Market is famous for its wholesale clothing because of its quality and quantity. There are clothing materials available for both men and women and for little children as well. Yes, you will be surprised at the very low prices on almost all types of clothing. Men can pick their fill of casual shirts and trousers are branded with export quality. If you are looking for the best outfit for your little prince or princess then there are lots of children’s clothing such as the Thai branded dresses, Disney character shirts and ones with traditional Asian designs on them. There are so many stalls with a diverse offer of clothing and try to purchase dozens at one stretch to buy it in cheaper rates.

Textiles and Fabrics

If you are interested in buying bulk amount of clothing then there are thousands of textile merchants in the Bobae Market. You can buy the clothes as single meter or more according to your need, because all these entire collection is offered in pieces folded or in huge rolls to cater the customer’s needs accordingly.  Household clothing or accessories are also available at the textiles or fabric merchants. The textile venues will also provide the Thai designs that are traditional printed on cotton fabrics. Be careful of low quality clothing in these shops so have an eye for quality fabric.

Entrance to Bangkok's busy Bobae Market

Entrance to Bangkok’s busy Bobae Market (Photo credit:

Vegetables and Fruits

Since Bobae Market has lots of outdoor stalls, once you enter the venue you will be welcomed by rows of vegetables and fruits stall. In addition to your shopping, if you want to explore fresh Thai fruits and vegetables then Bobae is the place for you.

Thai Fashion Jewelry

Buying fashion jewelry at Bobae Market is another thing you shouldn’t miss. There are rings, necklaces, anklets and bangles in varied designs. You can buy chunky bangles, lightweight necklaces and glass rings at funky or traditional style. There is Thai fashion jewelry available for adults, teens and children. And again, when you buy by the dozen, you get rock bottom prices.

Halal Food

In Bobae Market there are many Muslim merchants and therefore many stalls that offer delicious yet affordable Muslim food. These restaurant or food vendors offer Halal food along with their other offered merchandise, so this makes it a one-stop shop for both shopping and Halal food dining. They cook curries, kebabs, kava balls and rice dishes at a very affordable price.

What about you? Any opinion or suggestions when in Bobae Market? Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Written by OJ Quevedo

OJ Quevedo

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