To Work or Not to Work (Now)

Some moments in life are just unforgettable. For some, it’s their first day in university. For others, it’s their wedding day. For me, it’s probably my first job out of university. Aside from the fact that I was so eager to be independent and to have complete control of my finances, it was more of the feeling that this is going to the be the first day of the rest of my life.

OK, so I just finished my Chemistry degree. Now what? I recall in my last year in university, I made a conscious decision that I can’t and won’t live the life of a chemist. Just the thought of staying in a lab for at least 10 hours a day didn’t exactly rang sweet bells to my ears. But I had to figure out what to do and I had to do it soon. I want to make money and the freedom that goes with it.

After weeks of scouring the jobs ads, I noticed that if there was one popular industry at that time it would definitely be what they proudly call the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Well, the average Joe would just call it a Call Center. But hey, they are the fastest growing industry, they attract great talent (at least at that time) and yes, they make a lot of money. And need I say they are also one of the best employers in terms of pay and benefits?

At that time, I was also getting ready for the Chemistry Board Exams. I know I only had a few months to prepare. My friends and schoolmates have started registering for Chemistry Board Reviews. While most are doing that, I on the other hand, started submitting my resume to a few top BPO companies.

So there I was, contemplating whether I should or should not work while studying. If you are in the same situation as I was, here are questions to ask yourself to help you better determine whether it’s best to work or not to work:

  •  Am I flexible enough and able to make sacrifices?
  • Am I able to cut down on some of the things I do to complete my school and work commitments?
  • How does my close friends and family feel about me working?
  • Am I someone who makes effective use of my time? For example, am I the kind of person who can study or read notes while waiting in line or riding the bus?
  • Can I still get enough sleep if I fit in work and maintain my grades?
  • Will I still have enough time to spend with my family and friends?
  • Will the job be flexible around school projects and exam commitments?

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Scouring the Jobs Ads
Scouring the Jobs Ads