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Are you a buyer or seller of clothing? Are you keen to connect with other buyers or sellers of clothing?

Hi everyone! I understand many of you are looking for wholesale clothing companies in Thailand, India and China. Many of you even left your contact details in the comments section of other blog posts so I feel it a good idea (and my personal duty) to try and connect as many of you together. Just bridging the buyers with the sellers is the aim of this blog post.

So first off, if you are a seller and would like to connect with potential buyers, I will create below a list of wholesale clothing companies. But let’s get the disclaimer and uncomfortable stuff out of the way first – I and my blog is in no way responsible or liable for any information, misinformation, representation and misrepresentation of the information below. Contact and do business at your sole discretion and it is not an endorsement from my end.

Are you a buyer or seller of clothing? Leave your details in the comments section using the format below.

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Wholesale Clothing in Thailand


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 List of Wholesale Clothing Companies from Bangkok and rest of Asia

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Written by OJ Quevedo

OJ Quevedo

OJ is a Bangkok-based online Entrepreneur who loves the interplay between Social Media, Online Marketing and Business Outcomes. When not writing for Retail Plus, he is Director of Social Media at BAM Social Media Services in this vibrant Thai city he now calls home.