The First Day of the Rest of My Adult Life

Welcome to the real world, says John Mayer’s song back in the early 2000’s. Nothing could probably remind me of my university days more than this song which also reflect my then hopes and dreams.

Back then, that song was played in every alternative music station and for me, the song couldn’t get any more real. I was so eager to finish university, bringing with me that shining optimism.

A week after my graduation, I landed a job in Telesales for a US Telecoms company. I knew at the time that that wasn’t the best choice because I have the Chemistry Board Exams to prepare. Failing wasn’t an option. I will not only disappoint the  faculty’s high expectations of our batch, but that would be a personal disappointment in a series of many disappointments in my life.

I was caught in a crossroads where I need to choose between work or study. But I made my decision. I wanted to do both – to study and work, to learn and earn. I was relentless. I tried to manage work and study, I was so eager to step out onto the “real world”. So I worked hard at night and studied harder during the day. It  was exhausting but I was so full of energy. Passion really could do wonders. I consider this the first day of the rest of my life.

Philam Life Tower
Philam Life Tower at Makati. Where it all began.

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