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Bangkok Wholesale Shopping at Pratunam Market

Bangkok shopping for wholesale and retail clothing
Bangkok shopping centers in Pratunam for wholesale and retail clothing

In the fast growing market of wholesale clothing shopping in Asia, few compare to Thailand and very few shopping venues compare to the variety and price to that of the Pratunam market in downtown Bangkok. Pratunam market is a shopping wonder with its myriad choices of clothing products made even easier with friendly-natured Thai vendors. At this time of the year, Bangkok has shutdown many of its key commercial roads and important intersections, but Pratunam market is tucked away safely from the protests. It is one block away from the protest sites so if you happen to be in the city now, the best way is to get here by BTS Sky Train and get off at Rachathewi Station.

Update on Bangkok Protests that may affect your visit to Pratunam: The demonstrations have rejoined and reunited in the main protests areas in the Silom intersection, Siam intersection, Rachaprasong intersection and the Government House. Pratunam is easier to access at this time. If you are in Bangkok, follow Richard Barrow on Twitter to keep updated with news and updates about the protests.

History of Pratunam Market

Pratunam, which literally means “water gate” had its name from the nearby Saen Saep Canal had not always been a shopping area. In 1957, it was still considered sub-urban due to the rice paddies nearby. But the opening of a fresh food market in Rachaparop Road opposite Indra Hotel turned it into a small commercial area and before long, more markets came up, drawing more shoppers.  This eventually developed into a main shopping area with shopping centres as the Pantip Plaza, Indra Square, City Complex and Platinum Fashion Mall opened.

Staying in Pratunam

If you are visiting this shopping market it is advisable to have at least 2 days available to explore this huge shopping district. If possible, its recommended that you stay in the area as shopping and walking and bargaining is absolutely draining. And more so  if you need to carry items back to your hotel . Find here some recommended accommodations in and around Pratunam.

Platinum Fashion Mall

With over 2,000 shops, you will find shopping at Platinum Mall convenient and comfortable with its air-conditioned, theme-inspired shops and endless blocks of indoor stalls. It’s easy to get lost here but you will find that each floor has a name, thanks to a floor plan.

Pratunam Bangkok Platinum Fashion Mall
Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok’s Pratunam area

Platinum Fashion Mall Floor Plan

Ginza (Basement Floor) – Women’s Clothing and Accessories
Soho (1st Floor) – Women’s Clothing and Accessories
Oxford (2nd Floor) – Women’s Clothing and Accessories
Nathan (3rd Floor) – Men and Women’s Bags, Shoes, Clothing and Accessories
Camden (4th Floor) – Men and Women’s Bags, Shoes, Clothing and Accessories
Orchard (5th Floor) – Women’s Clothing and Accessories
Food Center (6th Floor) – Supplier for Shops (Plastic Bags, Mannequins, Packaging)

Building B (Zone 3) – Men and Women’s Clothing, Bags, Shoes and Accessories

Events in Platinum Mall

This week (21-25 February 2014) Platinum Mall is hosting a Beauty and Health Fair 2014. Last month, it hosted a Chinese New Year Fair.

Pratunam’s Clothing and Garments Wholesale Market

This market spans the entire section of Phetburi – Rachadamri intersection to Indra Hotel in the north and First Hotel in the west (see map on the right). Pratunam is considered as the hub for wholesale garments in Thailand and still remains true today. In a huge space of garments, one will find mostly casual clothes such as T-Shirts and jeans along with some inexpensively price suits, evening wears and Thai traditional clothing.

Pratunam Bangkok Wholesale Shopping
Map of Wholesale Shopping in Pratunam Bangkok

As usual, it is best that you buy the goods in bulk if you want to avail more discounts with your purchase. If you have the intention of importing goods from the Pratunam market, then talk with your clothing supplier to help you get in touch with shipping agents to facilitate transfer of your goods at reasonable shipping rates. With the saying “You get what you pay for” can sometimes hold true, so watch out for frauds that may switch poor quality goods while packing in huge orders. With wholesale orders, transact only from genuine sellers and talk directly with the shop owner. In an upcoming blog post, we’ll talk about shop owners and how to get in touch with shipping agents.

Other Shopping Centers in Pratunam

Pantip Plaza (IT Mall) – a shopping hub for gadgets, electronic devices, games and movies.

Grand Diamond Plaza – shopping center for wholesale and retail clothing next to Platinum Fashion Mall

Shibuya – across Pantip Plaza is a relatively new shopping center for wholesale and retail clothing

Palladium Shopping Center – shopping center for wholesale and retail clothing in the intersection of Rachadamri and Phetburi roads

City Complex Pratunam – shopping center for wholesale and retail clothing and accessories (mostly ladies)

Baiyoke Tower 1 – shopping center for wholesale and retail clothing

Indra Square – popular shopping center for wholesale and retail clothing (children, men and women’s clothing and accessories)

Enjoy the Pratunam experience more if you are open to explore the endless shopping array of stores without worrying about breaking a sweat in Bangkok’s hot and humid weather. If you love looking for the best deals and bargains walk further west to Soi 13 on Phetburi Road. Grab a water bottle and wear some really comfortable shirts and shoes to keep you free and relaxed while shopping through the small narrow lanes. Make a list of those things that you are planning to purchase to make your hunt as simple as possible.

There are plenty of fantastic deals offered at the Pratunam market. In the thousands of shops comes the fun in the madness. Sois crowded by sweaty shoppers and shopkeepers all come together and add to the distinct shopping flair that is Bangkok. Happy exploring!

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