Bangkok on a Budget: Best Deals in the City

OK, I admit. I’m a sucker for promos and getting the best deals out of any transaction. Whether it be in my business or in my personal life, knowing that I get the best value gives me an unnatural high. Perhaps, being in Sales for a long time has driven me insanely competitive to be at the better side of the bargaining table. Or perhaps, I’m simply just insane.

I know coupon clippers are quite common in the US and some have taken it to the next level by becoming self-professed “extreme coupon clippers”. No doubt, being fabulously frugal can really go a long way in these tough times. And the good thing is, the world is truly changing.

No longer do we frown upon bargain hunting and we have embraced the “best deals” concept as part of every day life – from fashion and food to hotels, plane tickets, movies and spas. Just look how deals site have changed the shopping landscape in Thailand with the popularity of Ensogo and Dealfish. While the best deals may be found almost everywhere, it’s good to be reminded that it takes common sense to discern which ones are really worth it.

In the past couple of weeks, I have had the chance to explore and have taken advantage of the latest deals in Bangkok. Here are 3 good deals to stretch that Baht budget a bit further. I will be posting more soon after I had the chance to experience them.

 55 Baht Movie Tickets by Bangkok Bank and SF Cinema

55 Baht SF Cinema Tickets using Bangkok Bank Card
SF Cinema Tickets are only 55 Baht when purchased using Bangkok Bank Credit or Debit card.

This one reaches out not just to films buffs in the city but people who have been disheartened to see movies because of its sky rocketing ticket prices. Move over, P i r a t e bay. This promotion will definitely encourage movie goers to start watching movies again.

If you are a Bangkok Bank credit card or debit card holder, you can purchase movie tickets at SF Cinema at only 55 Baht. I used this promotion when I bought tickets to see Skyfall at Terminal 21, which actually cost me 75 Baht per ticket. Still not bad considering the last movie we saw cost 220 Baht at Siam Paragon.

Here are some of the terms and conditions, don’t forget to check SF Cinema Call Center 02-268-8888 for additional details.

  • Valid only every Friday, from November 9, 2012 to May 31, 2013.
  • Valid at all 28 branches of SF Cinema in Bangkok and throughout Thailand.
  • For special seats, card holder pays the difference between standard and special seats (please check with SF Cinema for more details).
BTS Carrot Card Coupons
BTS Carrot Card Bangkok Sky Train
BTS Carrot Card at the Bangkok Sky Train

Everyday in Bangkok, thousands take the ubiquitous BTS Sky Train to their various destinations. Recently, they started setting up Carrot Coupon Kiosks in BTS Sky Train stations for BTS Carrot Card holders to check their Carrot Points and redeem coupons containing special offers.

These kiosks have an abundance of promotions in almost every area of interest – food, drinks, movies, bowling, karaoke, etc. And the best part is, they also have many coupons we can redeem for free (without using any Carrot Points).

Since they were newly set up, an attendant was there earlier to assist me and tried to explain how the kiosk works and how people can take advantage of promotions by different partners.

BTS Carrot Card Coupon Redeem Points
Redeem your points via Carrot Kiosks at BTS SKy Train stations

Here are 2 coupons I redeemed earlier. I am yet to try this in the next few days so I’ll definitely update this post soon. For more info, you can call 02-511-555 to check the terms in English. You can also check out their Facebook Page or the QR code on the coupon.

After printing out the coupons, these are what I got.  One coupon was for 1 free game of Bowling at Major Bowl or Blu-O. Another was for Karaoke at only 100 Baht per hour.

BTS Carrot Card Coupon Redemption
Some of the Carrot Card Coupon I redeemed from the Carrot Kiosk. One was for 1 free game of Bowling. Another was for Karaoke at only 100 Baht per hour.

So far, I have tried these 3 coupon promotions. I will post more in the next coming days.

Do you know of any current promotions or good coupon deals in Bangkok worth checking out? I will post more soon so let me  know other good deals in the city by please leaving a comment below.

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